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SIDETRACKS screenprinting

SIDETRACKS is our superstar screenprinting team of volunteers whose mandate is to make screenprinting accessible to projects and organizations working for social change, especially those that meet Ste. Emilie’s mandate around self-representation, self-expression, anti-racism and queer liberation.

If you or your community project want to do a screenprinting project at Ste. Emilie, send us a request!

We’ll hook you up with volunteers and guide you through the process. We are here to make screenprinting accessible for people working for the revolution or for social change (read our mandate). Projects are done on a sliding scale / pay-what-you-can basis, though your donations are greatly appreciated (we are a volunteer-run space that relies entirely on donations and we’re always strapped for cash!)

Things you can screenprint for the revolution:

  • posters for your group
  • posters promoting an event
  • posters or t-shirts promoting a campaign
  • t-shirts for your volunteers
  • bandanas with anti-imperialist slogans on them
  • posters or t-shirts to sell as fundraisers
  • patches of identification
  • secret patches
  • all kinds of arts that make you feel good
  • silkscreening as a group activity – fun for all ages (except really little ones)

If this interests you – fill out an project proposal form – a member of Ste. Emilie’s collective or a Sidetracks volunteer will contact you soon thereafter (though it doesn’t hurt to follow up at!)


WE HAVE A ZINE!!! Its called “INK IT: the Sidetracks Guide to Screen Printing at Ste-Emilie

or if you want to print it out into an actual ‘zine format, DOWNLOAD THE ZINE IN ZINE FORMAT here (right click and select “save target file” or something)

OR you can stop by and say hi and pick up your very own copy, screen printed cover and everything from our Zine Distro, at the skillshare!