Ste-Emilie Skillshare | Community Arts Collective

Nailbiter: an anxiety zine

Nailbiter: an anxiety zine.  Hand-bound right here at ste-emilie, 147 pages including several fold out, full-color illustrations.  Comes in a variety of colours.  Please think of three color schemes you like and we’ll try to match one to your preferences.

“the urge to write this came out of times where there has been too much anxirty and restlessness that’s been swallowed only to make stomachs uneasy, hearts flutter, and make fists clench in pockets.
we make this zine in hopes that we can share stories and hope to soften blows and foster a little support in our communities.
we make this zine so that we can bring out in the open these struggles that are so much under the surface.
we want to bring up honest questinos about how anxiety feels to us, how people deal and what we can all do to support ourselves and each other.”